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LifeExec Customers Testimonials

LifeExec Customer Testimonials

People Love LifeExec Programs - 99% of Employers and 97% of LifeExec Members stay with LifeExec

People from all walks of life love the programs offered in the Contractors Benefits Hub by LifeExec. It's not just contractors who benefit. Freelancers, real estate agents, drivers, homecare workers and part-time workers are some of the many workers who enjoy the advantages and discounts of LifeExec's Advantage programs.

Savvy people who own businesses and run teams also understand and now rely on LifeExec Advantage Programs to attrct and maintain their workfoce. Owners of coffee shops, fitness studios, homecare operators and even real estate team leaders recognize the boost that providing LifeExec Advantage programs offer their businesses.

What people are saying about LifeExec Advantage Programs

"Amy used to pay $40/month for her albuterol prescription. With LifeExec Advantage Wellness her monthly prescription cost is down to $5."

Amy Sing

real estate agent with eXp Realty

"Rather than going to the ER, within 10 minutes jim was on a video call with a doctor via Teladoc. He was diagnosed with a mild case of the flu and prescribed an over the counter medication to ease his symptoms."

Jim Taylor

Home care worker at Plan Your Homecare

Hannah T, Thump Coffee

"LifeExec took our #1 problem, a problem we’ve been trying to solve for years, and nearly eliminated it overnight."

Christine B, Red Door Realty

"Traditionally owners are in a difficult position because this is a transient employment market of 1099 employees. We don’t have access to a lot of benefits and benefits management can be a managerial nightmare for a single owner. That said, everyone needs benefits. It’s one of the biggest concerns to every realtor nationwide."

Alisha W. | Fitness Studio Owner

"LifeExec Advantage allows me to offer affordable health coverage to my team of instructors that gives them access to preventative medicine tools."

James M. | Homecare Owner

"LifeExec connects clients to their insurance agents faster during serious events so we can start working on their behalf at the touch of a button, resolving the issue more quickly and making the whole ordeal easier on them.”

Jessie H. | Coffeeshop Owner

“All of my employees work part-time. LifeExec Advantage has given us the opportunity, for the first time, to offer benefits to our employees. It's a win for everyone at our company.”

"No hours in waiting rooms. No $500 ER fees. Wendy contacted a pediatrician on Teladoc within 10 minutes and received instructions of what to do with her son, who had a fever."

Wendy Nichols

Freelancer/ Independent Contractor

"Ray didn't have dental coverage and didn't want to shell out $500/month for it. Ray enrolled in an LifeExec Advantage Wellness plan and now pays 50% less on dental care, but only for what he needs."

Ray Sullivan

Home care worker at Plan Your Homecare

Jaime G.

"Seeing a doctor can take months, costs money every visit, and makes me not want to go. Advantage Wellness is so convenient for our family. No waiting to see a doctor and no extra fees for visits."

Alex V.

"My job involves a lot of driving. If something happens to my car, I don't make it to work. Advantage Protect's roadside assistance covers everything I need to make sure I can make it to every job." 

Maria S.

"I'm a homecare worker and each day, my job can be challenging. Advantage Mental Health has helped me get into therapy, and gives me access to an on-demand therapist for those extra tough days at work."

Marcus R.

"Working as a freelancer is amazing, but doesn't give me access to company benefits. For less than $50, my family now has health and protection benefits that we used to pay 20x more for.”




A choice of an individual and two family plans that cover:-


Primary Care

Urgent Care

Chronic Illness




Diabetic Supplies

Lab Tests

Alternative Medicine

Virtual Therapist

On-Demand Counseling



An Amazing family plan covers many essentials of financial & legal advice:-

CPA advice on federal taxes

Free tax preparation for 1040

Retirement, IRA, College, Debt

Free consultation on legal affairs

Includes free Simple and Living Will

Identity Theft and Fraud Restoration

Credit Activity Monitoring and Alerts

Document Replacement for Social Security Cards & Birth Certificates



Included in this Advantage Protect family plan are the following benefits:-

Roadside Assistance


+ Anywhere +100 miles from home

Global Medical Assistance

Medical Evacuation

Emergency Travel Arrangements

Translation Services

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Up until now it's been very difficult, if not impossible for small companies to offer benefits to their employees, especially 1099ers.

Contractors Benefits offer a personalized hub with the option for your workers, including W-2's & 1099ers, to subscribe to any plan.

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