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Home Care Case Study

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Revolutionize Your Home Care Business with LifeExec:

A Case Study of Right at Home Morgantown WV

Home care companies face unique challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining caregivers while ensuring their well-being. Right at Home Morgantown, a prominent home care provider, found themselves in a challenging situation with a significant reduction in staff and growing concerns about employee benefits. Through their partnership with LifeExec, they were able to revitalize their business and create a happier and more engaged workforce.

Right at Home Morgantown's journey with LifeExec began when they discovered the platform through a LinkedIn post. After experiencing a massive reduction in staff and the subsequent loss of revenues, they recognized the importance of prioritizing benefits to revive their business in 2022. In August 2022, they signed up with LifeExec and decided to sponsor Advantage Wellness Plus for full-time employees (FTE) and Advantage Wellness for contract caregivers.

The company launched its first enrollment campaign in September, utilizing various communication channels such as email and text messaging. They also provided live support and introduced a benefits portal to facilitate the enrollment process. The campaign ran for 2.5 weeks, resulting in nearly 50% of their employees registering for at least one benefits program.

For Right at Home Morgantown, the rollout of LifeExec was considered a major success. The owners were particularly pleased with the significant positive impact it had on employee happiness and engagement within the company.

    Budget Friendly

    LifeExec fits any business’ budget. Voluntary programs cost $0 to the employer, and still offer an employee discount.

Proven Retention Tool

Sponsoring Advantage Wellness is proven to boost retention at the equivalent cost of only $.14 per hour.

The top three reasons why Thump Coffee chose LifeExec as their benefits provider are:

1. Affordable Benefits

The partnership between home care companies like Right at Home Morgantown and LifeExec addresses this challenge head-on. LifeExec's platform provides affordable benefits that cater specifically to the needs of caregivers, ensuring they have access to essential health assistance that they would typically struggle to afford. This not only improves their well-being but also positively impacts their overall job satisfaction and engagement.

2. Retention-Focused Solutions

The core problem faced by the home care industry revolves around labor turnover and shortages. On average, home care companies experience a staggering 125% turnover rate among their part-time/contract caregivers (PTE). However, studies show that 70% of job seekers prioritize benefits when considering new employment opportunities. This creates a dilemma as traditional healthcare programs are often too expensive for caregivers who earn just above minimum wage.

3. Transformative Potential

The success of Right at Home Morgantown with LifeExec serves as a testament to the transformative potential of affordable and accessible benefits in the home care industry. By providing comprehensive benefits programs through LifeExec, home care companies can address the unique challenges they face in recruiting and retaining caregivers, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to clients.

In conclusion

Right at Home Morgantown's experience exemplifies how home care companies can revitalize their business and create a happier workforce by partnering with LifeExec. By prioritizing affordable benefits tailored for caregivers, these companies can attract and retain talented individuals while ensuring their well-being. The positive impact on employee happiness and engagement contributes to improved client satisfaction and overall business success.

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“LifeExec provides health assistance to people who typically can’t afford them. It’s a no brainer.”

Joel H. Right at Home Oklahoma

Right at Home logo

“The overwhelming positive impact on our employee’s happiness was unexpected.”

Courtney H. Right at Home West Houston

Right at Home logo

“Everything has been easy with LifeExec. I tell every vendor they need to be like LifeExec.”

Whitney C. Right at Home Rhome TX

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