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**About the Contractors Benefits Hub**

Independent Contractors Meeting

Welcome to the Contractors Benefits Hub, your one-stop destination for exclusive benefits and resources designed to empower independent workers like you. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a contractor or 1099 taxpayer, and our mission is to support your well-being and financial security.

    What is the Contractors Benefits Hub?

    The Contractors Benefits Hub is an online platform where contractors and 1099 taxpayers can access a wide range of benefits, all in one convenient location.

    It serves as an application that provides secure access to personalized benefits tailored specifically for your needs.

    Once logged into the Hub, you'll have the power to redeem these benefits and unlock a world of possibilities.

This Is The Sign You've Been Looking For

 Contractors Benefits Hub is Lead by LifeExec Experts. Built on Their Experience.

LifeExec is headquartered in beautiful Bend, Oregon. The concept behind LifeExec came from the true life experiences of co-founders Ken York and Scott Mary.

In 2015, Ken climbed to the top of Mt. Rainier with an expedition team in the midst of an unexpected storm. At the summit, he was stunned to learn that two individuals on another team had died during the trek. Ken's thoughts turned to his wife and daughter and what they would do if he hadn't come home.

Had he protected them enough? Was there a better way to do it?

Meanwhile, Scott's aging parents were concerned with end-of-life planning and ensuring the family had all the information they would need in the event of their passing. They also wanted to leave a lasting legacy. Scott was determined to provide them with peace of mind; he wanted them to rest assured that their affairs were in order so they could enjoy their final years with one less worry.

Ken and Scott's shared desire to protect and plan for their loved ones was the inspiration behind LifeExec. This powerful software solution eases the burden of unexpected and difficult situations and solves the problem of 1 in 3 life insurance policies going unclaimed each year. LifeExec offers a little more certainty in a world full of uncertainties.

Over the past few years, Scott and Ken have developed a strong interest in providing cost-effective benefits to their clients, as they believe in better support for their customers. This focus on improving customer care has become an essential part of LifeExec’s mission.

It is on this base that we have built the Contractors Benefits Hub for those independent 1099ers who require the peace of mind these programs bring. 

Let LifeExec, and the Contractors Benefits Hub, help take your company to the next level. Combined we deliver the first and complete and affordable benefits solution designed for businesses of all sizes.

Unlock Amazing Benefits

When you join the Contractors Benefits Hub, you gain access to an array of benefits carefully curated with contractors' well-being in mind.

From comprehensive health coverage options encompassing telemedicine services, primary care physicians, urgent care facilities, chronic illness management support, pharmaceutical coverage, dental care, vision benefits, diabetic supplies coverage, lab tests access to alternative medicine options - we have you covered.

Maximize Your Financial Security

We understand the importance of financial security for contractors. That's why we offer retirement planning options tailored to your unique circumstances.

Additionally, through our utility bill-saving benefits, you can obtain negotiated savings on personal household bills like never before. We believe in empowering contractors to make informed financial decisions and secure a stable future.

Get Expert Support

At the Contractors Benefits Hub, we are committed to providing exceptional support to our members.

Whether you have questions about specific benefits, need guidance on navigating legal matters, or require assistance with registration, our dedicated team is there for you.

We offer expert consultation via phone for our healthcare and protection benefits to ensure that you receive the guidance you need every step of the way.

Join us at the Contractors Benefits Hub and experience a new level of support and empowerment as an independent worker.

Register today and unlock exclusive benefits that will enhance your well-being and maximize your financial security.

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Best In Class Benefits

At the Contractors Benefits Hub, our mission—the passion that drives us day in and day out—is to help everyone protect what matters most. We accomplish our mission through innovative ideas and building communities of caring.

Our partner's LifeExec application was voted the #1 lifesaving application of 2022.Their innovative benefits programs are being heralded as the most innovative change to healthcare in the last 40 years.

With 120 million Americans lacking insurance or being underinsured, we partner with leading carriers and service providers who share our vision to provide the best care to everyone. Their programs are used by millions of Americans, ensuring that they receive the support and protection they need.

At  the Contractors Benefits Hub, we're committed to making insurance and wellness accessible to everyone. Join our community today and help everyone protect what matters most.




A choice of an individual and two family plans that cover:-


Primary Care

Urgent Care

Chronic Illness




Diabetic Supplies

Lab Tests

Alternative Medicine

Virtual Therapist

On-Demand Counseling



An Amazing family plan covers many essentials of financial & legal advice:-

CPA advice on federal taxes

Free tax preparation for 1040

Retirement, IRA, College, Debt

Free consultation on legal affairs

Includes free Simple and Living Will

Identity Theft and Fraud Restoration

Credit Activity Monitoring and Alerts

Document Replacement for Social Security Cards & Birth Certificates



Included in this Advantage Protect family plan are the following benefits:-

Roadside Assistance


+ Anywhere +100 miles from home

Global Medical Assistance

Medical Evacuation

Emergency Travel Arrangements

Translation Services

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**Customized for Your Needs**

We believe in providing a personalized experience for each company that set up their own hub.

That's why we offer customization options that allow you to make the Contractors Benefits Hub format truly reflect your company name and logo.

We understand that branding is important, and we want your experience with us to be seamless, familiar, and aligned with your company's values.

**Supporting Employers and Employees Alike**

At the Contractors Benefits Hub, we not only prioritize individual contractors but also collaborate closely with employers to ensure a comprehensive approach to employee benefits.

We understand that employers play a crucial role in fostering a supportive work environment, which is why we offer assistance in communicating these benefits effectively to workers.

By leveraging our expertise in benefit communication strategies, we can help employers bridge the gap between benefit offerings and their employees' understanding.



Contractors Benefits is a division of Padco Marketing LLC.

Up until now it's been very difficult, if not impossible for small companies to offer benefits to their employees, especially 1099ers.

Contractors Benefits offer a personalized hub with the option for your workers, including W-2's & 1099ers, to subscribe to any plan.

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