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Employer's Bill Saving

Bill Saver is a Comprehensive Commercial Cost-Cutting Service

It's a fact that most businesses instinctively understand, that they are overpaying for many services that their business uses every day.

So how can we help?

Bill Saver is here to negotiate lower rates on your bills, find refunds or credits on past liabilities, automatically find you the best energy rates and help reduce your energy consumption!

What is Bill Saver

Bill Saver is all about finding ways to make your business easier to operate and more profitable. Through our partners we've saved our customers millions of dollars and this figure is growing daily. Plus, we donate 1% of our revenue to helping communities across the world thrive.

When you work with Bill Saver you'll be confident that you're working with a company that cares, not just for our clients but for the global community too.

Bill Saving for Any Company

Helping your company save 30%-50% on Electricity, Natural Gas, Phone, Internet, Security, Pest Control, Water Delivery, and many other services.

A team of expert negotiators will get you better terms with your existing providers.

Provided by Bill Saver

Commercial Bill Saver Brochure page 1
Commercial Bill Saver Brochure page 2

Download your personal copy of the Bill Saver Commercial Utility Bill Audit Pdf HERE

How to Lower Your Bills with Bill Saver

The most straightforward approach is to request a Bill Audit in the categories under Commercial Services.

Click HERE to request a Commercial Bill Audit.


If you want individual bills and services negotiated for you then follow these instructions:-

1. Select the bills you'd like to be reduced. From the categories provided on screen, input the number of bills you have for each category. If you have bills for a category that's not listed, just select the "Other" option. Send us the bills and we'll let you know if we can negotiate them down for you.

2. Send us copies of your bills, with all the details included. On the next screen you'll be able to upload a clear scan or photo of your current bill. You will also need to provide us with your current provider's name and your account PIN number. We require this information so that we can access your account and effectively negotiate a better deal for you.

3. Complete your details as requested and let us do all the "heavy lifting" on your behalf. Complete you payment details in the form provided. We will not charge your account until we've negotiated savings for you! Accept the agreement and we'll start the negotiations.

In a worst case scenario where we are unable to reduce your bills you'll know that you've got the best deal for that service or utility that's currently available.

**Customized for Your Needs**

We believe in providing a personalized experience for each company that set up their own hub.

That's why we offer customization options that allow you to make the Contractors Benefits Hub format truly reflect your company name and logo.

We understand that branding is important, and we want your experience with us to be seamless, familiar, and aligned with your company's values.

**Supporting Employers and Employees Alike**

At the Contractors Benefits Hub, we not only prioritize individual contractors but also collaborate closely with employers to ensure a comprehensive approach to employee benefits.

We understand that employers play a crucial role in fostering a supportive work environment, which is why we offer assistance in communicating these benefits effectively to workers.

By leveraging our expertise in benefit communication strategies, we can help employers bridge the gap between benefit offerings and their employees' understanding.



Contractors Benefits is a division of Padco Marketing LLC.

Up until now it's been very difficult, if not impossible for small companies to offer benefits to their employees, especially 1099ers.

Contractors Benefits offer a personalized hub with the option for your workers, including W-2's & 1099ers, to subscribe to any plan.

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