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Coffee Shops Case Study

Coffee Shops Case Studies

Revolutionize Your Coffee Shop Business with LifeExec:

A Case Study of Thump Coffee

Coffee shops have become an integral part of American culture, with individuals having their go-to coffee destinations and preferred brews. In the highly competitive US coffee shop industry, comprising 65,000 locations and growing at nearly 4% annually, boutique businesses face unique challenges in providing benefits to their employees. Thump Coffee, a renowned chain of boutique coffee shops and roasters with a strong local brand and loyal customer base, found themselves grappling with a common issue - employee retention.

With four store locations across three states, Thump Coffee enjoyed profitability and a steady stream of high school graduates and college students joining their workforce. However, as these young employees turned 26 years old and fell off their parent's health insurance, the company faced an alarming attrition rate. Nearly 100% of their employees left after losing access to healthcare coverage. This constant turnover not only proved costly but also demanded extensive management time and resources.

Recognizing the need for a solution that would enable them to attract and retain talented employees while ensuring their well-being, Thump Coffee turned to LifeExec - a comprehensive benefits platform offering affordable packages tailored specifically for small businesses.

    Budget Friendly

    LifeExec fits any business’ budget. Voluntary programs cost $0 to the employer, and still offer an employee discount.

Proven Retention Tool

Sponsoring Advantage Wellness is proven to boost retention at the equivalent cost of only $.14 per hour.

The top three reasons why Thump Coffee chose LifeExec as their benefits provider are:

1. Affordable Benefits

Unlike traditional benefits programs that are often financially burdensome for small businesses, LifeExec offers more than 26 comprehensive benefits programs starting at just $24.95 per month. This affordability factor is especially crucial for coffee shop owners looking to provide essential benefits to their employees without straining their financial resources.

2. Retention-Focused Solutions

LifeExec understood the unique challenge faced by coffee shops like Thump Coffee when it came to employee retention after losing access to parental health insurance coverage. With specialized retention-focused solutions, LifeExec helped Thump Coffee create an enticing benefits package that addressed the needs of their young workforce, encouraging them to stay with the company for the long term.

3. Streamlined Management

Managing employee benefits can be complex and time-consuming for small businesses. LifeExec's user-friendly platform streamlined the entire process, making it easy for Thump Coffee to administer and manage their employees' benefits efficiently. This allowed their management team to focus on more strategic initiatives and provide a seamless experience for both employees and HR personnel.

By partnering with LifeExec, Thump Coffee successfully transformed their approach to employee benefits and achieved remarkable results. With access to affordable benefits through LifeExec's platform, Thump Coffee was able to reduce attrition rates significantly, save costs associated with constant turnover, and create a happier and more engaged workforce. This positive change translated into improved customer experiences and strengthened the company's reputation as a coffee shop of choice within their local communities.

In conclusion

Thump Coffee's experience exemplifies how coffee shop owners can overcome the challenge of employee retention by embracing affordable benefits solutions like LifeExec. By prioritizing the well-being of their employees and providing comprehensive benefits packages tailored specifically for small businesses, coffee shop owners can create a thriving work environment that attracts top talent and fosters loyalty. With LifeExec as a trusted partner, coffee shop owners can revolutionize their business while ensuring the success and satisfaction of both employees and customers.

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LifeExec took our #1 problem, a problem we’ve been trying to solve for years, and nearly eliminated it overnight.

Hannah T.

Thump Coffee

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We had no budget for benefits. We never thought benefits were even possible. Now we offer benefits. It’s great!

Sara C.

Aroma Coffee Co.

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