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Unlock Amazing Benefits at the Contractors Benefits Hub!

Contractors Benefits Hub: Amazing Financial, Legal, and Healthcare Benefits for Independent 1099 Contractors and W-2 Employees.

Register now to secure your spot among the first 1099 contractors, and W-2 employees, to get access to a range of financial, legal, & amazing health benefits. tailored exclusively for you.

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Benefits are only available to residents of the United States.

You will be contacted, by email and/or phone, with details on how to get access to the Contractors Benefits Hub.

🌟 Enhance Your Well-being with Exclusive Contractor Benefits 🛠️

At the Contractors Benefits Hub, we understand that as independent workers, your well-being is of utmost importance. That's why we've curated a comprehensive selection of benefits that cater specifically to contractors like you. Take a look at some of the amazing benefits awaiting you:

  • ✅ Health & Wellness: Access top-tier health coverage designed with contractors in mind. From telemedicine services and primary care physicians who truly understand your needs, to urgent care options without long waits - we've got you covered.

    262,000 Dentists Nationwide offering discounted cleanings, fillings, root canal, orthodontics and periodontics.

    60, 000 Pharmacies Nationwide offering up to 85% discounts on prescriptions, including by mail order.

    10-30% discount on LASIK, and eye exams. Discounts on eyewear and contact lenses discounted. Diabetic Supplies as well as 1,500 Discounted Labs Nationwide.

  • ✅ Financial Security: Gain peace of mind with our financial benefits that help you safeguard your hard-earned money. Explore retirement savings options tailored for contractors' unique circumstances and unlock negotiation savings on personal household bills - maximizing your financial stability. 

    24/7 Identity theft and fraud protection and restoration. Credit activity monitoring & alerts. Social Security Card & Birth certificate document replacement. 

    Free tax preparation for 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040e

  • ✅ Legal Assistance: As a contractor, legal matters can be complex. That's why our hub provides access to legal professionals who can guide you through contract reviews and other legal considerations specific to your work. We're here to ensure you have expert support when needed. Includes free Simple and Living Will

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General FAQ's

Does LifeExec cover my family?

Yes. LifeExec Advantage Wellness, Mental Health, and Protect programs covers you, your spouse, and any dependents up to 26 years old. No extra cost. No hidden fees. Advantage Wellness Plus, Accident, and Critical Health have separate family plans.

Do I need to find a provider in network or may I continue to see my current providers?

With our benefit packaging, the majority of individuals are assigned a new provider within our extensive network. This allows our members to access the quality care they need, while also providing cost savings through our negotiated provider rates. Our commitment to connecting members with top-tier healthcare providers ensures that they receive the best possible care while also maximizing the value of their benefits.

If I leave a company that provides LifeExec benefits, is it possible to purchase these benefits through another means?

Yes! Even if you leave a company that offers LifeExec benefits, you can still continue to have them. To receive the payment link, kindly send an email to [email protected] by the 20th of the month. This will ensure that you continue to receive benefits for the following month.

What happens if I see a provider outside of network?

Please note that our benefits do not cover any out-of-network provider visits or offer reimbursement for such visits. We understand the importance of accessing quality healthcare, which is why we have a vast network of providers available to our members. By staying within the network, our members can take advantage of negotiated rates and cost savings while receiving top-notch care.

Are there any restrictions or usage limits?

No. LifeExec Advantage does not have restrictions or usage limits.

Is my prescription covered?

Please use the prescription lookup to view the discount you would receive through LifeExec Advantage Wellness Plus, Wellness, or Mental Health program. You'll be able to search by prescription, amount of refills, and zip code.

What if I have Medicare?

LifeExec Advantage benefits are an excellent choice to complement your Medicare plan. The Advantage Wellness package includes telehealth services, dental, and vision care, along with pharmaceutical discounts on all prescriptions, not just generic ones.

Does LifeExec Advantage cover non US Citizens?

Yes. LifeExec Advantage benefits are available to anyone located in the United States, citizen or non-citizen.

How is this Possible?

This is always the 1st question we get when someone sees the type of quality, all-inclusive benefits they can get for themselves and their families with the LifeExec Advantage Wellness benefit plans!

It sounds unbelievable, but lucky for all of us, it's now a reality thanks to LifeExec's direct negotiation power that gives you direct member access to network providers without middle man markup, or bloat from insurance companies.

The result... the complete health and wellness package you and your family need, at a tiny fraction of the price of traditional insurance.

Considering the fact that in 2022 the national average price for individual health coverage was $502/mo, and $1,403/mo for family coverage, you can see why individuals and business groups alike are joining the LifeExec family at a record pace.

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By registering now for the Contractors Benefits Hub, you'll secure access to these exclusive benefits. Don't miss out on this opportunity to prioritize your well-being and gain an edge in your contracting career!

Remember, as an independent contractor, taking care of yourself is vital for both personal fulfillment and professional success. By joining the Contractors Benefits Hub, you're making a proactive choice to invest in your future and unlock the resources you need to thrive.

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LifeExec Customer Testimonials

Below are some LifeExec customer testimonials. Members of the Contractors Benefits Hub can expect similar responses to their personal circumstances as dealt with by our wide range of healthcare, financial, legal and lifestyle support professionals. More details HERE.

There are more testimonials HERE and industry case studies on Coffee Shops, Home Care Providers and Realtors.

As a Trusted Benefits Provider LifeExec understands the importance of safeguarding what matters most to you, and we share your concerns. With our services, you can experience the benefits of worry-free protection against life's most unexpected events.




A choice of an individual and two family plans that cover:-


Primary Care

Urgent Care

Chronic Illness




Diabetic Supplies

Lab Tests

Alternative Medicine

Virtual Therapist

On-Demand Counseling



An Amazing family plan covers many essentials of financial & legal advice:-

CPA advice on federal taxes

Free tax preparation for 1040

Retirement, IRA, College, Debt

Free consultation on legal affairs

Includes free Simple and Living Will

Identity Theft and Fraud Restoration

Credit Activity Monitoring and Alerts

Document Replacement for Social Security Cards & Birth Certificates



Included in this Advantage Protect family plan are the following benefits:-

Roadside Assistance


+ Anywhere +100 miles from home

Global Medical Assistance

Medical Evacuation

Emergency Travel Arrangements

Translation Services

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**Customized for Your Needs**

We believe in providing a personalized experience for each company that set up their own hub.

That's why we offer customization options that allow you to make the Contractors Benefits Hub format truly reflect your company name and logo.

We understand that branding is important, and we want your experience with us to be seamless, familiar, and aligned with your company's values.

**Supporting Employers and Employees Alike**

At the Contractors Benefits Hub, we not only prioritize individual contractors but also collaborate closely with employers to ensure a comprehensive approach to employee benefits.

We understand that employers play a crucial role in fostering a supportive work environment, which is why we offer assistance in communicating these benefits effectively to workers.

By leveraging our expertise in benefit communication strategies, we can help employers bridge the gap between benefit offerings and their employees' understanding.



Contractors Benefits is a division of Padco Marketing LLC.

Up until now it's been very difficult, if not impossible for small companies to offer benefits to their employees, especially 1099ers.

Contractors Benefits offer a personalized hub with the option for your workers, including W-2's & 1099ers, to subscribe to any plan.

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